What if we use wind to represent wind?

Within invisibility

Within invisibility

  Within Invisibility renders wind data into a multisensory experience. Live data comes from 40 major Chinese cities, each represented by two fans. Each fan shows a graph called a rose or rhodonea curve. Wind speed change over the past six hours is proportionally condensed into six seconds, in order to fully visualise a full day’s wind dynamics within a visitor’s attention span.   I want to explore the connection between one’s perception of a city and its data. Though invisible, wind is a universal force, tightly connected with a city’s climate, landscape, even infrastructure and traffic. Thus I have chosen wind as an agent to express multiple layers of data, to allow viewers to not only see but feel the data just as one feels the wind, be it gusty gale or gentle breeze.   Within invisibility Within invisibility


Film Director : Yuen Hsieh (RCA VisCom) Music :Alois Bordenave


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