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Glowworm Garden 萤火虫花园

    The Glowworm Garden project at Shanghai Ruihong Tiandi Hall of the Moon was created inspired by the wonderful landscape of Glowworm Caves in New Zealand which attracts tourists from all over the world.  The purpose of the project was to allow shoppers and visitors to experience the curiosity of light and life outside the bustling city by creating a scene of what would be seen walking through the glowworm cave in Summer.


    The installation was composed of 750 single pieces. Each piece consisted of different numbers (such as 3, 5, 8) of RGB LED. The respiratory effects of 750 blue lights were controlled by analyzing the flicker frequency parameters of the glowworm cave. Interactive behaviors between light and people were created through the infrared sensor under the stone step. When the visitors walk across the stone steps on the lawn, the LED pieces in the grass will move with the visitors to create different lighting effects, changing gradually from the blue to yellow and then disappearing, as if the glowworms fly away. I carefully arranged this way that shows a wonderful connection between people and the installation.


    I hope to create a lost wonderland through the cooperation of artificial and natural scenes, which can immerse the visitors into the poetic circle of life.



Film :

Tao Zhang


Music :

James C Wilkie


Edit :

Wanlong Ma



Hui Wang


Project Manager:

Sean Lu


Project Assistant:

Yong Wu



Shanghai Ruihong Tiandi Hall of the Moon

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