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Magic Forest

The initial idea of this artwork was to create a natural landscape in an underground space. The installation consists of 3D printed butterfly models, with 2016 hollow butterflies, and is surrounded by LED screens that form “light columns.” This creates the effect of sunlight streaming through gaps in the forest, casting dappled shadows on the tree trunks while butterflies freely roam and gather in groups. As an artist, I prefer to use light as a language to give objects color and utilize space to allow viewers to experience the artwork. Thus, in this project, I aimed to create a natural landscape and bring natural sunlight into the underground space.

The final artistic installation utilizes lighting equipment and 3D-printed butterflies to showcase the beauty and vitality of a forest under sunlight. LED lights create “light columns” that embrace the learning pillar, evoking the feeling of sunlight entering through a vertical well. Together with the butterflies, the entire artwork recreates the magical scene of an underground forest. Design Director Wang Linjie was responsible for all design details and brought years of architectural experience, primarily focusing on interior decoration projects at Topos Studio. Therefore, this project also collaborates with new media art and architecture. I have always been interested in exploring how to infuse new media art installations with their own life and display them in public spaces.

This artwork not only showcases technological innovation and artistic beauty but also conveys the theme of symbiosis and harmony between nature and humanity. It allows viewers to experience the wonders of nature while sparking imagination and exploration of the future integration of technology and art.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu


Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co.Ltd Shanghai MRT Line 12 Development Co.Ltd


Project Lead

ToMASTER Art &Design Resource Platform


Project lead designer

Linjie Wang


Collaborating artists

Chenlin Jiayu Liu Ninian Macqueen


Digital Art Engineering

Shanghai 9E Digital Technology Co.Ltd


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