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Magic Forest 魔幻森林

     From the first meeting of this project to its opening to traffic on December, 18th, 2015, it lasted for 13 months.

    In that period, I was mainly responsible for a scenario of whole artwork, concept creation, and small modeling production with Arduino. In my previous works, I would prefer to use light as a language to endue objects with colors and use space for the audience to experience the work. The original intention for this project is to create natural scenery that brings sunlight into an underground space by nature. This final art installation employs light-equipment 3D-printed butterflies to illustrate the beauty and liveliness of a forest showered in light. We also use the LED lights as a material to “ hug ” the learning columns in order to create shafts of “sunlight”. Together with the butterflies, the overall artwork recreates the magical scene of an underground forest. Design Director, Linjie Wang, mainly worked on details in all designs. He is well experienced in architecture years, and Topos studio, which mainly worked for indoor decoration projects.

    Therefore, this project is also a collaboration between new media art and architecture. Meanwhile, what I want to explore all the

time is to endow our own life with new media art installations and exhibit them in public space.


Client : Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co.Ltd Shanghai MRT Line 12 Development Co.Ltd


Project Lead: ToMASTER Art &Design Resource Platform


Project lead designer:Linjie Wang


Collaborating artists :

Chenlin Jiayu Liu Ninian Macqueen


Digital Art Engineering : Shanghai 9E Digital Technology Co.Ltd


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