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Ocean Wave 海浪 

    The new media installation presents an alternative approach to real-time interaction. The visual graphics of the wave data collected through exposure via camera for 3-5 seconds achieved real-time data transmission and data visualization. The installation consisted of 50 slide rails used to reduce the overall weight and noise. This physical structure was customized using 100% carbon filter tubes designed as a guide rail rather than the traditionally used hard solid steel rail. The ocean wave edge's real-time fluctuation data was extracted through camera recognition and a user-defined algorithm pipeline. The lighting changes encompassing colour and brightness were controlled by wireless technology, with the physical space range of the entire work covered by two transmitting antennas that controlled the motion of the electric motor and the LED light block's colour.

    According to the coordinates of the differing positions, the light blocks presented multiple gradients of colour. This is with the use of multiple contexts with a strong foundation in multidimensional thinking. The piece explores the intricacies and various relationships and the layers between humans and nature, additionally exploring the complex perspective and notions held by people in which to observe nature.  




Tao Zhang


James C Wilkie


Edit: Wanlong Ma

New Media Installation Support:

Real Field Art&Tech. Ltd


Computer Vision Programming:

Li Ke


Remote Image Transmission System:

Li Ke


Electro-mechanical control system design:

Hui Li


Mechanical & Industrial Design:

Yingfei Zhao


Software &  Electronic System Design:

Xuefeng Rao


3D modelling:

Sean Lu

First Launch:

10th Kinetica art fair



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