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Ocean Wave 海浪 

Ocean Wave is a light-based installation using real-time data to replicate ocean waves hitting a shoreline. Ocean Wave employs on-site, outdoor 3D-scanning to pull data from the waves in Sanya, China, an international tourist city renowned for its tropical coastal vistas and year-round warmth. The installation’s visual inspiration, however, is drawn from the mesmerizing autumnal hues of Iceland. Liu meticulously orchestrates the distribution of LED strips, fine-tuning RGB values to replicate the original colors of icebergs. Luminescent composite materials cast an illuminated sheen upon the surfaces of natural stones taken from the stream of a hotel in Sanya. As dusk descends, a gentle blue radiance unfolds, creating a distinctive landscape reminiscent of icebergs.


Ocean Wave, meticulously installed and calibrated through precise environmental calculations, seamlessly merges the two disparate geographical landscapes of Iceland and Sanya, China. The result is a harmonious synthesis that births a novel spatial experience. By showcasing the inherent contradictions of the artwork's locales, it prompts contemplation on human perceptions of space and the profound impact that installations can exert on their surroundings.




Tao Zhang


James C Wilkie


Edit: Wanlong Ma

New Media Installation Support:

Real Field Art&Tech. Ltd


Computer Vision Programming:

Li Ke


Remote Image Transmission System:

Li Ke


Electro-mechanical control system design:

Hui Li


Mechanical & Industrial Design:

Yingfei Zhao


Software &  Electronic System Design:

Xuefeng Rao


3D modelling:

Sean Lu

First Launch:

10th Kinetica art fair



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