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Grow in Love 与生之花 

This work used empty glass bottles collected by the Lancome Empty Bottle Recycling Plan. It was created based on the concept of safeguarding the earth, hoping to endow empty glass bottles with a new artistic life by transforming them.

The artist crushed down empty glass bottles and melted them for remodeling, creating flowers that grow on the surface of the rock sculpture.

Every flower seems to have emerged from the seams between rocks, symbolizing remarkable vitality and mirroring the romantic postures of natural lives in growth. Each flower blooms under lamplights as flickering as breath, conveying the petty yet classical beauty of vitality that people most crave.

Nevertheless, such beauty is subtly separated from the real world. The distance enables the beauty of nature to grow naturally and ensures nature appears in its unadorned way. Once people approach these flowers, their natural growth state will stop. As the distance shortens, the light gradually turns dim.

In this way, the invisible dimension for people to approach the more delicate things is continued. The artist hopes that the audience can perceive the state where humans coexist with nature from this work, with its most natural beauty. Such is our sincerest love for nature.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Project Producer

Wu Tingting

Project Management

Huang Xiaofei

Space Design

Wang Xiangyu

3D Model

Cui Ruchen


Yu Tiankun

Lighting Technician

Wang Yinyin | Han Yu

Sculpture Production

Zhang Junxia | Chen Shouli | Xie Zhuang

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