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Natural Concerto

The gradual depletion of resources, the aggravation of the greenhouse effect, waste, and pollution... these real problems exist in our lives and cannot be ignored. Likewise, the overproduction of fashion items and consumerist sensation has brought tremendous pressure to the environment that we rely on for survival. On the other hand, they motivate us to discuss the topic of sustainability. From humanistic care to reforms at the origin, we aim to convey the significance of sustainable fashion to every consumer through artwork.

This work is centered on sustainable fashion. Rivets and jeans yarns are extracted from old clothes collected by the Denim Old Clothes Recycling Plan and combined with bamboo, clear water, and concrete. Then, a blue ripple is projected onto the work at night to create a natural concerto space for urban dwellers.


The work is divided into the principal and secondary parts. The main feature was displayed at Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza between October 8 and October 31, 2021, while the second part was a themed documentary shot at Shanghai Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve on October 7, 2021. Two parts were presented in different places to create a sharp contrast. One piece can be placed amid an endless stream of crowds in the bustling city and become a natural city scene. Another part can stand in the nature reserve to watch birds flying back from a distance and echo everything in nature.


The audience will perceive the inner sounds from nature when standing near the installation: Bubbling from the river, chirping of birds, and resonance between humans and nature. We hope the natural concerto space will endlessly extend the natural world’s gentleness and flexibility in the city so nature’s beauty will jump out of the audience’s self-images. After all, humans are only one part rather than the center of nature.


We look forward to awakening the public to focus on sustainable fashion, reminding them to protect migratory birds, and guiding them to rethink the relations between humans and nature.


This natural concerto space also reflects our expectations of cooperation between social sectors. It combines sustainable “reutilization,” fashionable “freshness,” blockchains’ “informational transparency,” and the “urgency” of new media art, helping us understand the importance of consumers’ identity to sustainable fashion in the downtown.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Project Initiation

Fan Peng

Project Producer

Wu Tingting

Project Management

Zhang Min

Sculpture Design

Wang Xiangyu

Lighting Design

Yu Tiankun

Model Design

Cui Ruchen

Sculpture Production

Li Yan



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