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    Perceive察·觉 is a new media sculpture jointly created by GM China Advanced Design Center and Jiayu Liu’s Studio to present the wild imagination and prospects of transport means in the future. This work is a mixture of察 (Observe), an oil-sludge sculpture of GM China Forward-looking Design Center, and 觉 (Sense), a new media artwork by Jiayu Liu’s Studio. It combines sounds, light, and shadows, demonstrating the elegant and ambitious design language for future automobiles, an interactive experience between multiple senses, and the forward-looking technology beyond imagination.


    觉 (Senses), a new media artwork, has a complete storyline consisting of ten changing scenes. This work starts with “the universe created by particles” and shifts to “the dawning in the universe,” “the sunrise in the real world”, “the sky over the jungle”, “the sunset and evening glow towards the surface of the lake”, “soaring under the moonlight”, and eventually returns to “the dark night of tranquility”. The work’s background is set to originate from the universe because artist Jiayu Liu said, “The automobile is an existence sharing beautiful moments with us, and every charming encounter is a gift given by the unknown world. This unknown world should be reflected through a cosmos space filled with the unknown.


    Every incredible encounter seems to be a gift that shows us the splendor of life. With continuous advances in technology, the means of transport will be more intelligent and more humane, taking us to a brighter future along with our expectations for the finer things.

- "PERCEIVE 察·觉"

New Media Sculpture Art Work

Project Director

Harry H Sze

Art Director

Liu Jiayu

Project Management

Ni Yinbin | Zhang Juan

Project Operation:

Wu Tingting | Liu Yitong

 - "察"

Clay Sculpture Creation Team

GM China Forward-looking Design Center

Conceptual Design:

Bi Zhen

Clay Model:

Wu Peiyi and Clay Model Team


Digital model:

Qin Yi and the digital model team


- "觉"

new media art works creative team

Liu Jiayu Studio

Art Creation:

Liu Jiayu

Project Producer:

Wang Xiangyu

Animation Production Director:

Lu Meng

Houdini Technician:

Xue Yan

Special effects synthesis:

Fang Hui

Sound Production:


Sound Production Assistant:

Hu Jiawen

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