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Riding Waves, Chasing Dream 踏浪逐梦 

Riding Waves, Chasing Dream draws inspiration from Jiayu Liu’s collection of Mickey Mouse LEGO sets, specifically one that captures scenes from Disney's pioneering film, Steamboat Willie, the world's first synchronized sound cartoon. This project unfolds as Mickey navigates the iconic Steamboat Willie towards the boundless realm of dreamscapes.


Realized as an immersive projection installation, Riding Waves, Chasing Dream employs HOUDINI to craft particle effects, portraying scenes of the Pacific. Dynamic graphics intertwine with air traffic data, wind speed, and wind direction calculations, meticulously simulating the marine environment in the central Pacific.


Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors can utilize strategically placed astronomical telescopes to scour the Pacific for the animated character, Mickey Mouse, who is boldly riding the wind and waves toward them. The incorporation of the telescope serves as a metaphor, encouraging viewers to contemplate the pursuit of a beautiful perspective and the exploration of uncharted pathways. This project’s integration of art and technology invites audiences to embark on a visual journey, engaging with the whimsical narrative and fostering a deeper appreciation for the convergence of animation, innovation, and the pursuit of dreams.



Project by Jiayu Liu

Artist Assistant:
Xiangyu Wang

Project Manager:
Kristy Ting

Technical Director:
Xin Fang

Design Lead & Compositor

Aijia Wang


Lead Houdini Artist:
Zihao Liu

Character Rigging:

Zhaoxue Xiang

Particle Rendering:

Yan Xue

Topology Optimisation:

Li Xiao

3D Modeling:
Sean Lu

Mechanical Engineering:

Yingfei Zhao

Projection Design:

Jiaban Xie

Film Producer:
Yiping Huang

Film Director:
Tao Zhang

Film Editor:
Wanlong Ma

Artwork Verse:

Yiping Huang

Voice Actor:

Ruichen Dang



The True Original & Ever Curious Exhibition



Co-presented by

UCCA Lab  ||  Disney

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