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Riding Waves, Chasing Dream 踏浪逐梦 

    Riding Waves, Chasing Dream was inspired by a set of Mickey logos collected by the designer. These logos are modeled on Steamboat Willie, the first Disney film and the first audio animation in the world. That is why Mickey is sailing towards the other end of the dream world on Steamboat Willie.


    This work is an immersive projection work. It employed Houdini to rend Pacific scenes with a particle effect. Meanwhile, it calculated the wind speed and direction based on analyzing air traffic data in dynamic graphs to simulate the ocean environment in the Pacific Ocean.


     After entering the space, the audience can use the astronomical telescope placed in the space to seek the little mickey that is sailing on stormy waves and running towards you. The designer also wishes to imply the perspective of seeking finer things and the path for seeking the unknown through the astronomical telescope.



Project by Jiayu Liu

Artist Assistant:
Xiangyu Wang

Project Manager:
Kristy Ting

Technical Director:
Xin Fang

Design Lead & Compositor

Aijia Wang


Lead Houdini Artist:
Zihao Liu

Character Rigging:

Zhaoxue Xiang

Particle Rendering:

Yan Xue

Topology Optimisation:

Li Xiao

3D Modeling:
Sean Lu

Mechanical Engineering:

Yingfei Zhao

Projection Design:

Jiaban Xie

Film Producer:
Yiping Huang

Film Director:
Tao Zhang

Film Editor:
Wanlong Ma

Artwork Verse:

Yiping Huang

Voice Actor:

Ruichen Dang



The True Original & Ever Curious Exhibition



Co-presented by

UCCA Lab  ||  Disney

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