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Golden mountain-5991840000’s

Based on the fantastic natural scene of Southwest China: “Snow Mountain of Sunrise,” the artists took the Yunnan Snowy Mountains landscape as their art inspiration, allowing light particles to change their angles with time and the rotation of the Earth by generative renderings, like the flow of fine sand showing the passage of time.

The system analyzes the data, generates particles, and transforms them to show the light and shadow of the natural world in the virtual space. Meili Snow Mountain is spectacular, and the lighting data for the “Golden Mountain of Sunshine” scene is complex.

The artists captured and tweaked the data painstakingly, moving the stage into a virtual VR world. Artists use advanced media to explore the middle zone between reality and virtual reality based on exploring nature and boundaries.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Project manager
Bochen Zhang

Technical director
Xin Fang 

Content technical director
Xin Fang 

Motion graphic design
Tiankun Yu

Houdini technician
Zhaoxue Xiang 

Haobo Huang

Surface redesign
Xiangyu Wang

Sculpture redesign
Haobo Huang

Projection director
Junwei Yuan

Mapping technician
Dong Wang

Space Sound

Tao Zhang

Wanlong Ma

Special thanks




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