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Streaming Stillness 虚极静笃

     This work was obtained by two steps: Firstly, two-layered deep machine learning and AI technology were used to formulate several sets of virtual, dynamic 3D graphs based on plenty of China’s terrain data. Next, 10,000 Chinese ink-and-wash paintings were learned and trained on the surface of the virtual domain through AI technology. 

     Referring to the concept of Tribute to Yu, the earliest geological imagination and thinking in China, it reshapes the terrain of China through AI-drawn maps, aiming to create a new geological origin for the Chinese civilization in the new era. 

     The domain swarming with uncertainties yet appearing sensually real is actually generated by virtual means. It comes from the real world yet doesn’t exist in it. Instead, it’s a natural prototype existing beyond human experience and reaches transcendence. In this work, virtuality is no longer aimless but shakes reality for its approximation to reality. Thus it provides possibilities for revealing the invisible reality. Or it can be called knowing the reality yet sticking to its virtuality. 



Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Artist Assistant:

Haobo Huang

Technical Director:

Louis Mustill

Content Design Director:

William Young

Content Technical Director

Xin Fang

Motion Graphic Design:

Tiankun Yu


Houdini Technician:

Zhaoxue Xiang



Jiakun Sun


Machine Learning Technician:

Qihui Wang


Machine Learning R&D:

Aijia Wang, Ashiely Zhang


Surface Redesign:

Xiangyu Wang


Sculpture Redesign:

Bochen Zhang


Fabrication Director:

Junxia Zhang


Prototype Fabrication:

Nian Xiao, Weizhen Bai


Sculpture Fabrication:

Zhenfeng Ding, Jiajun Ding


Projection Director:

Junwei Yuan


Mapping Technician:

Chao Yuan



Mark Winterlin



Matthew Watt


Project manager:

Tingting Wu

Special thanks


Qingxue Liu, Shujuan Ma, Chao Lu

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