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Streaming Stillness in Cryptovoxels

In Streaming Stillness, artist used StyleGAN, pix2pix and MIDAS to train different models which obtain different information. Synchronize the 3D results generated by AI machine learning of Chinese terrain with the 2D results generated by another machine learning model and training of Chinese painting. Between the surreal dimension and the virtual field, a buffer zone is created for the audience.

In the Meta Universe, based on the state generated by the data of machine learning and operations for Chinese terrain, the model and algorithm of the machine are constantly adjusted to generate different results. Also, we select the most suitable results as material, reappearing in its metauniverse with the language of Voxels.

Without the space and mechanical constraints of real space, the land could extend on any side of space and develop a “karst cave” area. Which could be a completely different experience from the real world. Compared with the ‘buffer zone’ extending to the real world, this is also a port of extension of another world.

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