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The Sea Wall in Cryptovoxels 

The land ends here, the sea begins here.

The Sea Wall is an extension and attempt of The Ocean Wave in Cryptovoxels. By continuing and developing the previous idea, the waves in the physical world will be converted into digital pixel blocks and constantly washed on the virtual boundary. In the real world, the boundaries of the ocean are obvious, such as the coastline or the dam. However, in the virtual world, the transparent walls between parcels are invisible. When the wall of 3D building is the boundary of virtual space, the digital sea area presented on the land of the metauniverse emphasizes the attention to the virtual boundary. The artist tries to explore the possibility of the sea from the boundless opposite side - the seawall. The work explores the boundary between the sea and the shore, the boundary between infinite and finite, and the boundary between virtual and reality.

Towards the constantly iterative media and the eternal theme of the earth, artist put forward the proposition of ‘how the digital nature will be presented and perceived’. If the 1.0 version of The Ocean Wave converts material reality into data perception, enabling the audience to experience nature in a new dimension, then the 2.0 version of The Sea Wall converts real data into virtual landscape, which is further exploring that digital nature instead of imitating and reacting to nature. Also, transformation and reconstruction of natural landscape.

Onde a terra acaba e o mar comeca.

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