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Freezing the moment of 5991840000’s since 1832. The 190th anniversary art project of Longines is inspired by the winged hour-glass as well as take the spectacular scene of Golden Mountain in southwest China as the artistic concept. This project shows the traces of time passing through the light particles flowing like sand, and maps them on the surface of the sculpture that collecting the terrain of the Swiss Jura Valley, where Longines were born. Flow with the path of sunshine in the physical world, paying tribute to the continuous development through the precipitation of history and time, and the spirit of climbing.

New media art is a buffer zone linking the virtual world and the real world.  On the 190th anniversary of Longines, we create a virtual field for its inner spirit and the present moment. By telling the relationship between digital art and physical works, connecting the virtual and reality, and bring the audience into the “buffer zone” of Longines’ time, so that the spirit of climbing is always with us.



Project by Jiayu Liu

Project manager
Bochen Zhang

Technical director
Xin Fang 

Content technical director
Xin Fang 

Motion graphic design
Tiankun Yu

Houdini technician
Zhaoxue Xiang 

Haobo Huang

Surface redesign
Xiangyu Wang

Sculpture redesign
Haobo Huang

Projection director
Junwei Yuan

Mapping technician
Dong Wang

Space Sound

Tao Zhang

Wanlong Ma

Special thanks




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