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• Beyond fantastic Arts Festival.  Bangalore. IN
• Bvlgari 75th Anniversary Collection. MOCA. Shanghai
• Beijing Media Art Biennial. CAFA Museum. Beijing. CHN


• 59th Venice biennial China pavilion. Streaming Stillness. Venice. IT
• Wuhan Biennale. He Museum. Wuhan. 
• Jinan International Biennale. Shandong Museum. CHN
• Shenzhen-Hong Kong Urban Architecture Biennale. Shenzhen. CHN
• Hong Kong and Macao Visual Arts Biennale. Beijing. CHN
• Super Sample. Super Headquarters base City Exhibition Hall. Shenzhen. CHN
• "At Dawn, At Dusk" Immersive Interactive Art project. Shanghai. CHN


• Chengdu Biennale. Tianfu Art Museum. Chengdu

• Exposition franco - Chinoise. Art Exhibition: Twelve Beams of Light. Xie Zilong Art Museum. Changsha

• Rebuild the blue art exhibition. UCCA Lab. Beijing. CHN

• Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious. Yuz Museum. Shanghai. CHN

• The Tides of the century.  Ocean Flower Island Museum. Hainan. CHN

• Art 30 China & Singapore art project. Online exhibition. CHN


• In the Flow. Sugar House Art Festival. Guilin. CHN

• Nature and Art exhibition. BVLGARI Hotel Beijing. CHN

• GenY - The New Art Fest online exhibition. Lisbon. PT

• Surreal Marvel. Immersive experience art space. BVLGARI Shanghai. CHN


• The Grand Canal - Common space. Times museum. Beijing. CHN

• Tracing the Sky. DISTRACTIONS Summit. Brickworks. Manchester. UK

• Asian digital art exhibition. No.6 Art Space. Beijing. CHN

• Continuous Action the Riverside Museum. Beijing. CHN


• 6th Guangzhou Triennial "As we may think: Feedforward". Boxes museum. Guangdong. CHN

• Future of today Art Exhibition. Future Folding. Jinjilake Art Museum. Suzhou. CHN

• Mo&Co Garage 3000 AW. IFS. Chengdu. CHN

• 3rd LEXUS Art of Takumi Exhibition. Power long museum. Shanghai. CHN

• Rolling Snowball. AMNUA museum. Nanjing. CHN

• On the road UNMANNED Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists. Guanshan Yue Art museum. Shenzhen. CHN

• The power of women Art Exhibition. Chao Art Centre. Beijing. CHN

• Together we shine public Art Festival. Xiamen. CHN

• 3rd LEXUS Art of Takumi Exhibition. TaikooLi. Chengdu. CHN

• Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition. York art museum. York. UK

• "CAI SHI CHANG" Wet Market. Happy recipe. Taikoo Hui. Shanghai. CHN


• Riverside Festival. Watermans Art Centre. London. UK

• Absolute Reminding 30 Artist. Huizhi International Business Centre. Shanghai. CHN

• Five Senses A wakening. Coast Gallery. ZhuHai. CHN

• 1st Diaoyu Fortress International New Media Art Festival. Chongqing. CHN

• The Ecstasy of Time: Reframing the Medium of Knowing. He Xiangning Art Museum. Shenzhen. CHN

• Future Rhapsody. ZIP. Today Art Museum. Beijing. CHN

• 10th Kinetica Art Fair. Ugly Duck. London. UK


• BMW The Moment@SHE Exhibition. Changsha. CHN

• Lumiere China, Shanghai Hall of Moon. Shanghai. CHN

• Art Sanya Festival. Public Art Exhibition. Sanya. CHN


• The Ballad of Generation Y Exhibition. OCAT Shanghai. Shanghai. CHN

• Impact9 Biennal. Renke Gallery. Hangzhou. CHN

• 1st 798 New Media Light Festival. 798 Art Square. Beijing. CHN

• Photosynthesis New Media Exhibition. LAN Jing Art Centre. Beijing. CHN

• CAFA 2nd Future Exhibition. K11Art space. Hongkong. CHN


• CAFA 2nd Future Exhibition. CAFAMusem. Beijing. CHN

• International New media art Exhibition. LAN Jing Art centre. Beijing. CHN

• I 20 CCDI Interactive installation. Water cube. Beijing. CHN

• China Archive Fashion Exhibition. Building Centre. London. UK

• Artcube installation awards. Second home Gallery. London. UK

• SHOWRca 2014. Hockney Gallery. London. UK

• London Fashion Week AW 2014. London fashion scout. London. UK

• Digital Future. Sackler Gallery. V&A. London. UK


• London design festival. Clapham junction. London. UK

• London Urban Prototype Festival. Battersea Park. London. UK

• Digital city . Data visualization. Sackler Gallery. V&A . London . UK

• London Design Festival. BlackBerry culture face. Helen Hamlyn Centre . London . UK





• 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize. Shortlisted. Ocean Wave. UK

• 2019 Asia Tatler Generation T.

• 2017 7th Lumen Digital Art Prize. Longlisted. Ocean Wave. UK

• 2014 Applied Arts Student Awards winner. Bubble Transfer. USA

• 2013 London Urban Prototype Festival winner. Blackberry culture face 'X’ Voice. UK




• 2019 OPPO X Jiayu Liu. Manchester. UK

• 2018 Mo&Co X Jiayu Liu. Taikoo. Chengdu. CHN

• 2018 Audemars Piguet X Robb Report X Jiayu Liu. Beijing. CHN

• 2016 Ruihong Hall of Moon. Glowworm Garden Interactive Installation. Shanghai. CHN

• 2015 Shanghai Metro Group, Hanzhong Station. Magic Forest New Media Installation. Shanghai. CHN

• 2014 I 20 CCDI Interactive Installation. Water Cube. Beijing. CHN



Talk & Workshop


• 2019 Marie Clarie X Lexus "Future Shapers". Chengdu. CHN

• 2019 Tracing the Sky. DISTRACTIONS Summit. King's House Conference Centre. Manchester. UK

• 2018 Professional Practice. Royal college of Art. London. UK

• 2018 ThinkPad X Pecha Kucha Biejing. Beijing. CHN

• 2017 Engineer & Public Space. Digital Future studio V&A. London. UK

• 2017 Physical Installation Talk. Kinetica Art Fair. London. UK

• 2016 UCCA Art & Tech Talk. UCCA 798. Beijing. CHN

• 2016 MANA New Media Talk. West bund Art Centre. Shanghai. CHN

• 2015 Make Plus New Media Talk. Shanghai. CHN

• 2015 Pulic Art Talk. Himalayas Art Centre. Shanghai. CHN

• 2014 Data visualization & new media talk. LAN Jing Art centre. Beijing. CHN

• 2014 Data visualization installation workshop. SFAI digital media studio. CHN

• 2014 AUDICity Code. New media art talk. AUDICity Building. Beijing. CHN

• 2014 Data visualization workshop. CAFA digital media studio. CHN

• 2014 Design Future - How digital data will drive newinterior spaces. London 100% Design. UK

• 2014 Design Future - Data visualization workshop. London 100% Design. UK

• 2013 Digital Future - Information Experience Design. workshop. Digital Studio. London 100% Design. UK



Media & TV


• 2020 STRATA Art X TOKONOMA Magazine. Four Chinese environmental artist to watch. EU • 2020 Artist Feature: Invisible and Everywhere. Lohas Magazine. China

• 2020 Celebrating women who push boundaries. Planet China Magazine. New York

• 2019 Marie Claire X Lexus "Future Shapers". Marie Claire Magazine. China

• 2019 100 Emerging Chinese youths. Esquire fine Magazine. China

• 2017 This Gorgeous Light Installation Replicates Waves Breaking on Dry Land. VICE. New York

• 2017 Ocean wave interview. Bunbury Magazine. London

• 2017 Ten Things You Need to Know. Daily Planet / Discovery Specials. Toronto

• 2017 Impressive Ocean Waves Captured. Fubiz Media. Paris

• 2016 Kiinassa purkillinen puhdasta ilmaa taittuu taiteeksi. Suomen Kuvalehti Magazine. Finland

• 2016 Technology Pushing The Boundaries Of Art. Independent Television News N2K. London

• 2015 Working with data . Viewpoint magazine. FranklinTill Studio. London

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