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Miss. Liu Jiayu

Born in Liaoning, China 1990

Currently lives and works in Beijing and London


Known for her immersive and evocative media installations, Jiayu Liu is a media artist based in Beijing. She holds an MA from the Royal College of Art .


Jiayu's artwork often recreates and augments the natural world and focuses on relationships between humans, nature, and the lived environment, exploring human behavior and response. Under the constantly updated technology, using different media, material, and digital technologies, her installations become immersive portals through which one can be transported in between the superimposition of real and virtual, physical and digital, material and immaterial worlds. Using live and static streams of data and digital technologies, her installations enable new communication nodes with audiences. The audience's behavioral response and emotional resonance are aroused through spatial collage and displacement, making her creation repeatedly "re-created" by audiences.


She has exhibited internationally in the museums and festivals, including the V&A in London, K11 Art Space in Hong Kong, He Xiangning Museum, and Guan Shanyue Museum in Shenzhen, CAFA Museum, Times Museum, Today Art Museum and Riverside Museum in Beijing, Power Long Museum and OCAT in Shanghai, London Design Festival, Kinetica Art Fair London, London Fashion Week, Chengdu Biennial  Beijing Media Art Biennial and Guangzhou Triennial.


She also has collaborated with many brands (Audemars Piguet, Burberry, Lancome Acqua Di Parma  Mo&co, OPPO, Lexus, Marie Claire) and some art commission projects for public spaces.

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