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• Theartnewspaper | From VR to NFTs: in the year of AI, how should we define digital art?

• WH | Jiayu Liu: Technology as an Invisible Partner

• Overview | Multimedia artist Liu Jiayu on Art and Technology in the Age of the Anthropocene

• Fisheye | L’œuvre du jour : « Waves of Code » de Jiayu Liu

• HubeMag | Exploring the media materiality

• Designboom | Rrimagining boundaries:Jiayu Liu 's 'Waves of Code'Exhibition


• Contemporary Art Library | Venice Biennale 2022: The Milk of Dreams,Meta-scape

• La Biennale di Venezia | National Participations

• Designboom | Using AI to recreate ancient Chinese data and art techniques• ArtForum | Guangzhou Triennial releases

  artist list for its Sixth Edition

• OCULA | The Pieces I Am UCCA

• DEZEEN Burberry creates mirrored pop-up store on Jeju Island

• Global Times | Old sugar factory turned into space for art

• TOKANOMA|Four Chinese environmental artists to follow

• Interview with Media Artist and Designer Jiayu Liu

• Future everything | ART Jiayu liu :An immersive art installation in an underground hidden location

• GMCA | The future isn't what it used to be - final line-up for Distractions announced

• Aesthetica | Future Greats: Imaginative Installation

• Design Boom | liu jiayu's installation 'riverside' links London and Beijing in spacetime

• VICE TCP | This Gorgeous Light Installation Replicates Waves Breaking on Dry Landd

• VICE TCP | A Swarm of Rainbow Butterflies Lights Up a Shanghai Train Station

• VICE TCP | This Installation Is Powered By The Wind From 40 Chinese Cities​d

• VICE TCP | See China's Air Pollution as Robotic Origami

• VICE TCP | Glowing Iceberg Simulations Take Over a Tropical Chinese Garden

• inhabitat | Jiayu Liu’s Hypnotic LED Installation is Powered by the Wind of 40 Chinese Cities

• Carbon Arts | Jiayu Liu Within Invisibility

• ITN N2K | Technology Pushing The Boundaries Of Art

• Adafruit | Jiayu Liu’s Ocean Wave Installation Replicates Waves on Shore

• Adafruit | An Interactive Display Of Data Visualization With LEDs and Bubbles

• Arduino | Visualizing “data visualization” with LEDs and bubbles

• Arduino | Visualizing air quality with interactive origami flowers

• WIRED | Kinetica 10th-anniversary show

• Impressive Ocean Waves Captured (by Jiayu Liu)

• What If We Embed a Wormhole in Culture

• Design Futures Talk London Design Festival

• Kiinassa purkillinen puhdasta ilmaa taittuu taiteeksi

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