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Within Invisibility

Within Invisibility renders wind-related, intangible datasets to create a multisensory encounter.


40 major Chinese cities are represented with two fans each, which show intricate rose or rhodonea curve graphs based on real-time data from their respective cities. Condensing the wind speed fluctuations of the past six hours into a mere 6 seconds, this display allows visitors to perceptually grasp the daily variations in wind speed. 


The overarching goal is to investigate the correlation between human perception of a city and its underlying data. While wind may remain unseen, its pervasive influence on a city's climate, landscapes, and infrastructure is undeniable. 


The deliberate choice of wind as the focal point of this study aims to articulate the multifaceted nature of data by allowing observers to not only see, but physically experience, data, mirroring the sensations of both gusty winds and gentle breezes.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Film Director

Yuen Hsieh


Alois Bordenave

Project assistant

Molly Yang


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