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The Riverside 小溪 

The Riverside is an installation that aims to transcends traditional notions of time and space in art, exploring the interplay of diverse cultures through the concept of "cultural wormholes" facilitated by new media. Anchored in personal cultural identities, the artwork intricately weaves together two rivers and their underlying narratives, utilizing visual imagery extracted from real-time data sources.


Crafted through a fusion of fluid simulation, real-time graphic rendering, and projection mapping, the piece's fluid simulation, generated with Houdini, is a result of on-site 3D scans capturing the diversion of real riverbeds. The segmented water flow, consisting of particles and 3D models, is processed in vvvv through dynamic graphics techniques. The final sculpture is illuminated by six high-definition projectors.


Projection techniques, employing brightness accumulation maps, achieve a harmonious brightness balance and blending along the sculpture's complex edges. Utilizing a unique toolset based on RULR, the sculpture is meticulously crafted, imported into vvvv, and applied to various projector outputs. A system parameter, synchronized with the clock, dynamically adjusts the projection based on the sun and moon positions at the Beijing riverbank, offering viewers in the Zero Time Zone a unique experience of the natural state from the East Eighth Time Zone.


As viewers navigate the riverbanks within The Riverside, spanning diverse temporal and spatial realms, the installation prompts contemplation on the continuous ebb and flow of cultural exchanges.




Papadimitriou Venue:

Watermans Art Centre


Project assistant:

Sean Lu


Technology & Production & Artists & Engineers Technical Director:

Louis Mustill


Creative Graphics Programming:

William Young


Fluid simulation:

Lewis Saunders


Mapping tools / RULR:

Elliot Woods


Riverbed Production:

Studio Makecreate


Production Director:

Lucy Norman Jonathan


Batten 3D Scan :

Shenzhen Lexcent


Technology Co.Ltd Hardware:

Faro Software:

Geomagic Studio


Film :

James Medcraft Aerial



Tao Zhang


Music :

James C Wilkie


Edit :

Wanlong Ma



James Medcraft


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