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Sitting by the window01.jpg

Sitting by the Window  

The piece explores the intricacies and multiple relationships and the layers between humans and nature, additionally exploring the complex perspective and notions held by people to observe wildlife.

The landscape of two different sites is progressively collaged, and a new space is created with it. The influence of human experience and perception of space and installation on the surrounding environment is explored by showing the ambivalence of the work locations.

The project is created by integrating real-time motion graphics rendering and projection mapping. Based on the sky and cloud simulation rendered under the control of wind speed and direction of the real-time data source in Jinji Lake, they are outputted into VVVV as divided particles of different levels. Then, it is processed through various dynamic graphics technologies, and eventually, the sculpture is displayed on a display screen.

The act of looking up creates a beautiful connection between the audience and the installation, experiencing the cycle of life and the desire to follow nature.

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