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In the Flow

In the Flow draws inspiration from the majestic mountains of Karst landforms formed millions of years ago, utilizing them as a unique presentation medium. Employing advanced technology, specifically Houdini, the artist generates authentic water flow data by transforming 3D scans from drone captures of the naturally weathered mountain surfaces. This data is then subjected to re-rendering algorithms and visual stylization, resulting in three-dimensional projections seamlessly integrated onto the mountain's structure. The effect produced is akin to an ink-wash painting, creating a mesmerizing floating ambiance. Concurrently, digitally simulated natural sounds, derived from the water flow data, merge with computer-generated sound effects to enrich the immersive experience.


In seeking to merge the virtual and the real, the historical and the futuristic, In the Flow explores the intricate relationship between human and natural history within the exhibition space. Karst landforms, shaped by centuries of water sedimentation and erosion on rocks, are reimagined through cutting-edge technology. This process involves restoring the flow of water onto the mountain's surface to establish a symbolic connection between human and natural histories. The interplay of virtual elements with tangible effects not only interprets the cyclical nature of time in nature but also fosters a multi-dimensional interaction among the viewer, the exhibition space, and the artwork, inviting contemplation and inspiring boundless imagination about nature.


Experimentally, In the Flow reflects on human emotions through the lens of emerging technology, enhancing reality through virtual methods. It engages in a discourse on the realistic essence of virtual technology, pushing the boundaries of the medium to probe the contemporary relationship between nature, the universe, and humanity. The final projection of the artwork onto the climbing surface of the mountain, achieved through multiple high-lumen projectors, symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit, surging against the current of challenges.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Artist assistant

Hongyu Chen

Project manager

Kristy Ting


Technical Director

Louis Mustill

Design Lead & Compositor

William Young

Lead Houdini Artist 

Beck Selmes

Houdini Fluid Artist 

Lewis Saunders

3D Modeling 

Sean Lu

3D Scan 

Tao Jiang

Projection Design 

Jiaban Xie

Projection Technician 

Zhenren Zhang

Projection Software Engineer 

Ze Fan

Flying Anchor 

Jian Feng


Kangping Yi

Sound Art 

Qi Meng

Film Director 

Tao Zhang

Film Assistant 

Zilong Wang


Huirong Li

Film Editor 

Wanlong Ma

Digital colorist 

Yuhao Wang

Chinese Verse 

Wentao Shi

English Verse 

Chang Yan

Rock Climber 

Xiaoyao Ren & Junjie Duan

Caption Translator 

Jialan Zhang

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