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At Dawn, at Dusk

The time difference is a gift from the Sun. Inspired by the idea of presenting two time zones from two localities in one space, the installation creates a supernatural space-time interaction that defies rules. Enchanted by the Sun Path, the artist Jiayu Liu translates tangible elements into abstract light effects, entailing the Sun’s movement across different locations.

The work responds to two locations for the new scents: an ambient light-scape and traces of natural scenes from Italy and Laos. Both are realized through projection, situated in a cylindrical container where the wall becomes an END-LESS canvas. The lightscape presents both sunrise in Italy and sunset in Laos on the same canvas. The complicated color play was generated from real-time captures of sunlight data and extracted topographies in Unity 3D, fed into TouchDesigner for dynamic motion graphs. Scanning across the light-scape on the canvas, two strips of projection also lead us to explore natural scenes. In the middle of the exhibition, a presence symbolizes a connection between Italy, Laos, and China and embracing the time differences given by the Sun.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Artistic creation
Liu Jiayu

Artist Assistant
Wang Aijia

project management
Wu Tingting

technical director
Fang Xin

Motion Graphics Creation
Yu Tiankun | Liao Yuxuan | Huang Haobo

After Effects
Sun Jiakun

3D modeling
Wang Xiangyu

Spatial Sound Design


Special thanks
Zhang Yifan
Joint presentation

Acqua di parma


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