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Glowworm Garden Series.2 

Existence and distance in relations existence and distance in relations

Glowworm Garden first conducted deep learning of actual landscapes. Then it generated virtual 3D motion graphics and a terrain sculpture with AI technology. Meanwhile, it employed Houdini to render and portray the field domain of a nightly tropical rainforest, a place belonging to this world yet transcending the reality. The construction of this virtual scene mirrors the alienation and closeness in a relationship. The audience will watch the glowworms randomly generated through Particle Renderer flying back and forth in the forest scene. When appreciating at an appropriate distance, they can find many florescent spots flickering in the air. However, as the audience gets closer, the dazzling fluorescent spots change their color, fading away in all directions. Once the audience leaves, these luminescent spots will return. In this way, the audience and the light seem to be connected subtly and ambiguously.

Like an invisible dimension, the perception of interactions between humans and nature subtly explains the conservative and ambiguous relationship as people's feelings evolve.

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