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“PERCEIVE” is a new media sculpture jointly presented by General Motors China Advanced Design Center and Liu Jiayu Studio, which envisions the future of transportation. The artwork is based on the “Perception” mud sculpture from General Motors Advanced Design Center and Liu Jiayu Studio’s new media art piece “Perception.” Through multidimensional interpretations of sound, light, and shadow, it showcases the elegant and progressive design language of future cars, multisensory interactive experiences, and groundbreaking futuristic technologies.

The new media art piece “Perception” comprises ten continuously transforming scenes, forming a complete storyline. The starting point of the artwork originates from the creation of particles in the universe, evolving through the dawn of the cosmos, sunrise in the real world, traversing the sky through the jungle, driving towards the lake at dusk with fiery clouds, and the exhilaration under the moonlight, ultimately returning to the serene realm of the night. The reason for setting the entire artwork in the context of the universe is because the artist, Liu Jiayu, expresses that “cars are entities that we experience beautiful moments with, and each beautiful encounter is a gift bestowed upon us by the unknown world. This unknown world should be represented by a universe full of unknowns.”

- "PERCEIVE 察·觉"

New Media Sculpture Art Work

Project Director

Harry H Sze

Art Director

Liu Jiayu

Project Management

Ni Yinbin | Zhang Juan

Project Operation:

Wu Tingting | Liu Yitong

 - "察"

Clay Sculpture Creation Team

GM China Forward-looking Design Center

Conceptual Design:

Bi Zhen

Clay Model:

Wu Peiyi and Clay Model Team


Digital model:

Qin Yi and the digital model team


- "觉"

new media art works creative team

Liu Jiayu Studio

Art Creation:

Liu Jiayu

Project Producer:

Wang Xiangyu

Animation Production Director:

Lu Meng

Houdini Technician:

Xue Yan

Special effects synthesis:

Fang Hui

Sound Production:


Sound Production Assistant:

Hu Jiawen

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