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Shadow of the Moon

Tides are caused by the gravity between celestial bodies, including the moon and the sun. Under universal gravitation, the moon attracts seawater to the earth. Hence the force that attracts the rising tide of seawater is known as the tide-generation force.

Shadow of the Moon presents a dynamic visual image through the tide and algae interactions. We generated a virtual terrain with AI and placed it in the ocean field domain with virtual software. Then we provided an ocean kinetic potential based on wind speed and direction data collected from the real world so that the ocean can generate waves. Along with the tide, the wave pats on the rock generated on the virtual terrain again and again." Afterward, the tide and ocean algae interact to generate a brightly fluorescent blue in the seawater. In this process, the movements of 800,000 particles are rendered into a 30s dynamic graph.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Production Assistant

Zhang Min

Scene Art

Sun Wenbo

Mechanical Simulation

Dong Rui

Particle Rendering

Lu Tianze

Visual Design

Wu Tingting

Video Clip

Yu Tiankun

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