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Shape of Weave

The Shape of Weave carried forward the sustainability concept of Shape of Plastic. It smashed old clothes from Adidas by Stella McCartney and combined such fabric with environmentally friendly resins to create an endless and virtual overland landscape. This reshaping process was actually about repetitive reconstruction. It created an intangible space by shaping one object with another.

The dynamic water consisting of particles is projected and attached to the fluid sculpture in a dark and boundless space, showing nature’s evolution through virtual technology. This form of presentation captures the intangible shapes of materials, allowing viewers to experience the power of rebirth after breaking. The work intends to emphasize the possibility of sustainable reutilization in social development, guiding the audience to perceive the essence of things through superficial phenomena and awaken more people’s identification of sustainable reutilization.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Project Producer

Wu Tingting

Project Management

Yu Tiankun


Wang Yunqing

Space Design

Wang Xiangyu

3D Model

Cui Ruchen

VFX artist

Fang Xin

Particle Rendering

Sun Mingjie

Image synthesis

Cao Jiajun

Sound Design

Chen Yufei

Sculpture Production

Zhang Junxia | Chen Shouli | Xie Zhuang

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