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Waves of Life

Waves of Life drew inspiration from natural changes, cycles, and explorations of everything in the universe. By selecting and establishing wild nature scenes, the artist rendered these distinctive field domain spaces into a surrealist dimension. Strolling in the work's space, one feels free from the actual dimension's bondage of time, space, climate, direction, and flow rate. Thus, the changes of nature are defined. With time, blue-green peaks are covered by snowflakes. Then, the accumulated snow melts and gathers into rivers and lakes, eventually flowing into the sea. The audience will experience the vitality of everything in the world through the slow changes of nature. Correspondingly, their perspective will shift from transcending space to surpassing time, further exploring the perception dimension. While infusing energy into the space, the audience can immerse themselves in the universe's and nature's breath.

This artwork combines the concrete essence of nature and the abstractness of creation. It consists of visual mapping and acoustic sounds, two perceptions presenting faint discernibility and invisible existence in the space surrounding the audience. It is constructed through digital mapping of natural scenes and rendering abstract veins.


This artwork rebuilt the scenarios extracted from our real life, taking us into a multi-dimensional space separated from reality. Its ever-changing scenes enable us to experience different cycles and embrace the tranquility of life. More importantly, it redefined time, space, climate, direction, gravity, energy flows, proportion, and all elements restricted to the earth's evolutionary rules in our life, conceiving a new universe that interacts and coexists with us.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Production Assistant

Zhang Min

Scene Art

Sun Wenbo

Mechanical Simulation

Dong Rui

Particle Rendering

Lu Tianze

Visual Design

Wu Tingting

Video Clip

Yu Tiankun

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