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Waves of Life 浪潮的回溯

    Waves of Life drew inspiration from natural changes, cycles, and explorations of everything in the universe. By selecting and establishing real nature scenes, the artist rendered these distinctive field domain spaces into a surrealist dimension.


    Strolling in the work's space, one feels free from the real dimension's bondage of time, space, climate, direction, and flow rate. Thus the changes of nature are defined. With time, blue-green peaks are covered by snowflakes. Then the accumulated snow melts and gathers into rivers and lakes, eventually flowing into the sea.


    The audience will experience the vitality of everything in the world through the slow changes of nature. Correspondingly, their perspective will shift from transcending the space to surpassing time, further exploring the perception dimension.


    While infusing energy into the space, the audience can immerse themselves in the breath of the universe and nature.


Project by Liu Jiayu

Production Assistant :

Zhang Min

Scene Art :

Sun Wenbo

Mechanical Simulation :

Dong Rui

Particle Rendering :

Lu Tianze

Visual Design :

Wu Tingting

Video Clip :

Yu Tiankun

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