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380.49 hPa 

We all may have our own Nuptse somewhere inside.


Starting from the spirit of conquering glaciers, inspired by the experience of climbers and Nuptse of Mount Qomo- langma, we brought a new panoramic art project 380.49hPa. We paid tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Nuptse series in The North Face and the spirit of ‘exploration is mindset’ in the climber’s genes.


In the context of new media background and technology, it takes us back to the original state of physical particles. It expresses the surreal sensory experience by panoramic virtual reality to map out another landscape that belongs to nature and is closer to the essence. Through the form of musical chapters and different dimensions such as virtual scene construction, music architecture, and sound collection, the various fragments and rhythms in the process of the climbing experience are narrated together, leading the audience to enjoy the journey of exploration and finally building a spiritual resonance and experience of fearless with retrospective emotion.


In this process, Nuptse is listed as a spiritual symbol. Under the expression of technology and art, sound and visual immersion resonate with the nature of the earth and nature.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu


Project manager

Bochen Zhang

Technical director

Xin Fang

Landscape design

Haobo Huang

Houdini technician

Tiankun Yu

Motion graphic design

Zijian Chen


Jiakun Sun

Surface design

Xiangyu Wang

Unity technician

Wenbo Sun


Tao Zhang


Wanlong Ma


Sound design

Wei Wang



Special thanks

The North Face


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