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Another Side 

“Another Side” is based on the 2022 Green Life Project of Greenpeace and ACEF. This collaboration of artist Jiayu Liu and Greenpeace is about the future idea of “urban vitality”: How does the city cope with extreme extremes such as powerful rainstorms and hot waves aggravated by climate change? How does the city activate the potential that changes the inertia of high energy and resource consumption? Artist Liu Jiayu presents samples of urban regeneration in various media and advocates more city-based imagination, exploration, and practice to deal with climate change.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Technical director

Xin Fang

Houdini technician

Tiankun Yu


Haobo Huang


3D visual content

Xiangyu Wang


Project manager

Bochen Zhang

Project Coordinator

Carrie Cao

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