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Grow in Love Series.2

In a vast and desolate desert, some unknown vitality springs up prosperously from under the foot.

They are marks of the dessert.

Grow in Love Series.2 conveys our reflections on one moment and one life. In the bustling human-centered world hides a space where life organizes itself. Here we place our expectations of exuberance.

Once again, the artist started with sustainability and expressed it through the new media installation, giving recycled glass bottles new life. In this field domain, changes and folding occur, implying that endless vitality can stem from withering. This work symbolizes an unknown life force in the future.

Grow in Love Series.2 is created by remodeling and extending Innate Flowers. The glass bottles of Lancome's Absolute series were fired into gold roses: One after another glass flower walks with life. The rock sculpture that carries these flowers still has a meteoritic texture, representing the continuous gathering of energy on the sand layer in the hexagonal space. The changes underwent by empty glasses from recycling to remodeling also become the life vein of this series. Centered on sustainability, this work shifts the vitality of materials to another field domain to display its continuous life.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu


Project assistant :

Wang Xiangyu

Project Producer :

Chang Chen

Project Management :

Liu Xiaonuo\Wu Tingting

Technical Director :

Fang Xin

Production Supervisor :

Yu Tiankun

Special Effects :

Sun Jiakun

Model Assets :

Xiang Zhaoxue

3D Modeling : 

Cui Ruchen

Glass Technician :

Han Yu\Wang Yinyin

Sculpture Production :

Zhang Junxia\Chen Shouli\Xie Zhuang

Projection Design :

Yuan Junwei

Film Producer :

Huang Yiping

Video Photography :

Zhang Tao

Video Clip :

Ma Wanlong

Spatial Sound Design :


Special thanks



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