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Layer Upon Layer 

In the peaceful midnight blue, where the power was hidden secretly, it recovers and bursts at midnight.

It started 200 years ago in the original place of Mortlach - Speyside. The river contains the unique mellow flavor breaking through the turbulent flow for a hundred years, bringing the mysterious midnight of Spey-side to the front. The burst of power has been accumulated in a long period of peace. At the same time, introversion and courage cross and show the constantly emerging edge in the turbulent flow of the Spey-side.

By creating a flowing midnight mystery through motion graphics and installation, the Artist opens a linking port to another world. Step into it, the spatiotemporal cracks of Speyside are captured. Above the layers, which pass through the space-time wormhole alternating day and night and enter another world that midnight whispering. Every moment of flowing light and shadow, which seems like the collision between rationality and wildness, is about to erupt into the night.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Technical director

Xin Fang

Houdini technician

Zhaoxue Xiang

Motion graphic design

Zijian Chen


Jiakun Sun

Interior design

Bochen Zhang


Feild sound

Da fei


Tao Zhang

Video clip

Haobo Huang

Special thanks



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