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Gloden Theatre

Gloden Theatre

The creation also places the sculpture of the snake’s body stationary on the wall of space, projecting the dynamically generated digital algorithm graphics onto the surface structure, juxtaposing them with the transformation of the snake’s body.   It delivers to the viewer a vibrant, winding, sparkling experience as the graphics continuously move and wander in the surreal space on the wall.   Just as the snake’s body continues to grow until the day of its death, it needs to shed its old skin every 1-2 months to release new vitality.   


In this sense, the snake’s body is a fixed totem and symbol, transforming similarly to the dynamically projected graphics generated and rendered through different algorithms. Within the transformations, viewers will unfold their imagination through the two snakes that seem to flow and evolve continuously, symbolizing positive and progressive growth.   


The flowing light and shadows reflect the spirit of exploration and change represented by the totem.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Technical director
Xin Fang

Motion graphic design
Zijian Chen

Houdini technician
Tiankun Yu 

Sculpture design
Bochen Zhang

Surface design

Xiangyu Wang

Space sound
Dave Meckin


Tao Zhang


Haobo Huang

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Commission with

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