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Lakeside Echo

Starting from Bangalore, we’re attempting to discuss water and climate crisis on many levels, looking at similar issues. Researchers have studied the problem and possible solutions. However, the most challenging thing is to awaken public awareness and motivation and internalize this knowledge into the citizen’s mind.


In this project, we select the cave language in our sustainable series, creating a water resource simulation system. Represent water molecules with particles to visualize stories and facts from data presentations by using art and technology to visualize the concept of crisis and resonance to mark shocking facts into the audience’s consciousness, awakening their memory and motivation.


In this system, the blue particles can represent the water molecules of the lake, and we can use them to simulate the shape of the lake, the river, and the way the water flows. At the same time, showing the water resource issues. Driven by gravity and data, the particles simulate the movement of water to determine it’s direction and speed. At the same time, the number and color of particles represent the quantity and quality, which changes continuously as time passes and data evolves. 

Projection, screen, and dancer constitute a three-dimensional system of ‘Time, Space, and People.’ The visualization tells the story of water and reflects the shock of the change in the minds of individuals. At the same time, expresses that people are just an element in a ring of the universe.


In this work, the artist generates dynamic images by using AIGC based on the changes in freshwater resources of Bangalore from 2000 to 2022, presenting simultaneously in different levels. After sharing the art concept and visual presentation with artificial intelligence, it gave us a highly anastomosed name which contains the relationship between human and earth, nature, lake and river Lakeside Echo.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Technical director
Xin Fang

Motion graphic design
Zijian Chen

Houdini technician
Tiankun Yu 


Jiakun Sun

Motion capture 

STEM Dance Kampni


Tao Zhang


Haobo Huang

Project manager

Bochen Zhang

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