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“Fashion forward" Continuous exploration, progress, innovation, and self-transcendence define trends at their best. Despite seemingly different domains such as fashion, art, products, and architecture, they all operate in cycles defined by eras. Fashion trends continually redefine the "old" through novel expressions, embracing the perpetual flux and rhythm. With an unwavering dedication to self-evolution, trends consistently foster extraordinary ingenuity and reinvent the "old" through new forms. Relentlessly pursuing self-evolution, trends constantly give rise to unique brilliance.

This installation artwork features a circular flowing structure that enhances the sense of movement through multiple transformative distortions. It creates a virtual space of light and shadow, incorporating LED light strips and grid screens. By considering each traveler navigating through the tide of trends as a catalyst for change, the installation drives 80,000 to 120,000 continuously flowing particles generated by the software itself based on the daily pedestrian traffic data of Taikoo Li. Ultimately, it constructs an energetic depiction akin to a surging nocturnal flow in the river of time.

We employed parametric design techniques to better portray trends' ever-changing nature and power in creating and constructing the installation. With the assistance of digital fabrication technologies, we created a captivating artistic piece that combines creativity and infectiousness. By blending spatial elements, lighting effects, and sound, we provide a multisensory experience that allows the audience to deeply feel the force of trends and the eruption of personal energy. Embark on an unforgettable journey of movements, where you'll explore the unknown, surpass yourself, and embrace the boundless vitality that trends bring.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu

Artist assistant
Haobo Huang

Technical director
Xin Fang 

Motion graphic design
Zijian Chen

Houdini technician
Tiankun Yu 

Architecture design
F.O.G Architecture

Architecture design team
Shaokai Hou

Chi Zhang

Ronghua Lei
Di Zhan

Yu Zheng

Collaboration with

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