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Treasure of Nature

In this commissioning creation, artist attempts to create a natural landscape with glaciers and rivers in the industrial site like an oil tank, set up a new ecosystem in the virtual world, reshape the vestige industrial site with the pure power of nature, and bring the revival of nature.

As a new part of the sustainable series that explore the impact of the social and industrial systems on climate change. From the concept of the artwork, the oil tank is exactly an iconic symbol in the industrial system. From the form of the artwork, the oil tank is a comprehensive spatial structure. This artwork will be presented from both the inside and outside surface of the tank, which can give audiences abundant three-dimensional, unique perception at different aspects.

"Treasure of Nature "like taking everybody on a river trip, is classified into three sections on three tanks, symbolizing the fostering of life from creation to growth and then to the future."

The first two sections are on the facade of the third and fourth tank, which can only be shown at night in terms of mapping. The first half chapter of the narrative of this work is mainly described. Namely, we use the natural landscape of glaciers and streams to fill the internal space of an oil tank. The stream of the third tank will flow into the fourth one and then displays the process of gradually melting into two fluid tanks.

The last section is the fifth tank, which continues the narrative clues of the third and fourth tanks. Due to interactions, the river flows from the outside into the inside, is attached to the glacier surface of the wall, and covers the container space of organic liquid with an organic fluid landscape, thereby presenting the energy flow of nature. Meanwhile, the turbulent flow of the river represents the endlessness of life force.

While constructing the new ecological system, artist add the AIGC content, such as visual system and 3D landscape model building, integrate real natural data through constant dialogue with AI, and bring more dimensional visual perception experiences.

Indeed, such Human-Machine interaction better presents our idea of transforming the industrial field into artificial nature". This imagination is expressed in a new way, which inspires and awakens people to re-examine the essence of nature and the angle of looking at nature. Still, it also manifests humans' wisdom and creativity. All spaces attached by images are full of vitality, even have a subtle continuation, and show the existence of the "Treasure of nature" in natural form.

Luo Anqing, a multi-species anthropologist at the University of California, mentioned in Tricholoma Matsutake of Doomsday, "If history is uncertain and multi-directional, perhaps multi-species as an aggregation can show the future direction."


All these may be traced to the simplest, most precise glacial stream, raising life's beginning and future.

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