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Riverlight Through

In the shimmering glow of "Riverlight Through," dusk and starlight weave a dreamy journey transcending time and space, offering a modern interpretation of ancient starry skies in the digital age, leading viewers on a poetic adventure. Amidst the valleys, the flowing starlight is not distant and unreachable but a tangible reality within reach. Everyone can become an explorer, venturing into this digitized celestial realm. Reflected among countless twinkling lights, the flickering scenes seem to narrate ancient legends, with each streak of light resembling boundless verses, recounting tales of roaming among distant galaxies.


The Milky Way is no longer out of reach.

Artwork by Jiayu Liu  


Project Manager

Yuwei Chen

Technical Lead

Tiankun Yu

Visual Content Creative

Zijian Chen

3D Creative Design

Xiangyu Wang

Houdini Technician

Jiakun Wang

Project Assistant

Haobo Huang


Tao Zhang


Wanlong Ma

Sculpture Production

Mumeiyuchen(Chengdu)culture & Art,Ltd

Lighting Supply

Shenzhen Lange Lighting, Ltd

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